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The Problem: You May Be Unaware Of The Risks You Face If Your Website Isn't Setup Properly.
These Risks Include The following:

  • 1
    SSL (Secure Socket Layer. Also known as HTTPS) 
    Back In July 2018 Google rolled out a new feature that marks non complaint HTTPS sites as "not secure" for anyone who is using their Chrome browser. What does that mean?  It means that it may scare off some of your visitors when they browse your website and fill out any of your contact forms in order to submit their personal information. Additionally, Google now uses SSL's as part of their algorithm to decide how you will rank in their search engines.
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    According to Statista52% of all website traffic generated online came from mobile devices in 2018. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you risk the chance of more than 47% of your visitors leaving your site once they are unable to navigate due to incompatibility.
  • 3
    Internal studies from Google have shown that if a website is not performing efficiently (loads slowly), visitors are less likely to spend more time on the website in question. The faster your website is, not only will it improve your overall user experience but it is also something else Google takes into account when determining your search engine rankings.

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